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National Institutes of Health Director’s Early Independence Award Program

The Common Fund of the National Institutes of Health (CF/NIH) is seeking input and submissions regarding its Early Independence Award (EIA) program. The answers and information obtained in response to this outreach may be used to make changes to the EIA program for the next Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).

A more thorough background on the Program may be read here: http://commonfund.nih.gov/earlyindependence/


Recent data and trends have demonstrated increases in the length of the previous and traditional scientific training period with a parallel increase in the time it takes for clinicians and researchers to establish themselves in their careers.  Most often, post-doctoral training is more appropriate for most newly-minted M.D.s and Ph.D.s, increasingly there are talented new scientists ready to thrive independently without more traditional post-doctoral training.  Reducing time spent in this phase of schooling would provide such scholars the possibility of starting highly innovative research programs earlier.

In response, the NIH Common Fund has established the NIH Director’s Early Independence Award as an outlet for funds to help promising students to this end. Through bypassing traditional post-doctoral period of schooling and training, this award seeks to support the stimulation and drive of young clinicians wishing to begin their careers independently. The age at which clinicians and scientists establish themselves in independent research careers has been steadily increasing. This Award recognizes the large number of talented and young researchers who would be ready to advance without the need for post-doctoral training in the traditional sense.

This website was established to support this effort as the conduit for submissions for this award.

Responses to this call for input will be accepted until March 18, 2011. Application Information for this award may be found here.


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